7 Simple Moving Tips

7 Simple Moving Tips From the Best Packers and Movers in seattle

We’re Green Movers , the best packers and movers in Seattle! We’ve been in the moving industry for several years now, and we’ve created you a list of 7 simple moving tips to help make the tedious and stressful process of moving an easier task for you!

Create a To-Do Checklist so you don’t lose track
First things first, create your own moving to-do checklist and make sure it also includes a column for a timeframe as that’ll help ensure everything happens on schedule! This to-do list helps you a ton not only manage things but also gives you peace of mind as you’ll be keeping track of everything, you can use Moving.com’s ready-made moving checklist here to make things even easier!

Hire the best packers and movers in seattle:
Professional movers make the stressful and tedious task of moving a much more relaxed ordeal as they help take tons of work off your plate and do all the heavy lifting. Choosing the right movers could mean the difference between an amazing move and a stressful one though so choose your moving company carefully. You can refer to this blog post we wrote to help simplify the task of choosing the right packers and movers in Seattle for you!

Pack an essentials kit:
The sheer stress that moving brings with it sometimes causes you to forget the most basic of stuff including packing essentials such as toothbrushes, medications, important documents. This will not only make you feel at home much sooner as you have all the essentials with you as soon as you move in but also save you from a frustrating trip to the convenience store.

Donate all the items that you don’t need to local charities:
Moving involves going through all your belongings and it’s inevitable that a few unnecessary items like old clothes or shoes and other such items which local charities can help get to the needy!

Book in advance:
This is true especially if you’re planning on hiring professional movers or renting a truck. Don’t wait till right up to the moving date as the moving rush brings with it higher prices and delays. Book in advance so that you’re completely free of any stress as you won’t be the only one wanting to move at the end of the month!

Take a photo of all your electronic wiring:
It happens far too often that everything’s gone right and you’re all set up in your new house and you sit down on the couch to put on an episode of your favorite TV show and relax after a long day only to remember that you left reconnecting all your electronic’s to the last and eventually lost track. Taking a picture will help you figure out exactly which wires go saving you from having to wait till the next day to call a technician over to help you out!

These tips are the culmination of all the small things one might forget or things that will help you make your move much easier and stress-free.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on making your move an experience to remember instead of stress about!

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