Essential Moving Equipment

Essential Moving Equipment

When moving your home, having the correct moving equipment will make a big difference. 

Sometimes, knowing what packing and moving equipment you need is not obvious. So, our professional movers and packers have created a list of moving equipment. It can serve as your checklist for your next move. Green Movers at Bellevue is a full-service moving company that makes your move smooth and hassle-free. 

Are you moving? The following list of pre-move packing and moving equipment will help you. We have entirely covered all areas. You can purchase moving supplies from different stores or sites like Amazon. Choosing a professional moving company like Green Movers doesn’t have to worry about packing and moving equipment. 

List of Essential Moving Equipment 


You will need lots of boxes. Purchase boxes from your local moving company. Choose containers that have lids, thus, keeping your boxes clean and dry. If you hire a professional moving company, you don’t need to go anywhere for any moving equipment. Just sit and enjoy. 

Firstly, select boxes according to the size of your items. Then, purchase boxes in different sizes like small, medium, large and extra-large. Pack your fragile items in small boxes. Further, pack your bulky but lightweight items like blankets and pillows in extra-large boxes.  

Packing Tape

Standard packing tape is necessary to seal boxes. Boxes remain closed until they reach their final destination. Moreover, use duct tape for moving heavier boxes. Getting a tape dispenser for each family member is a good idea. 

Stretch Wrap

Stretch wraps protect your doors and drawers on cabinets. It sticks to itself, resulting in zero ruminating sticky residues.

Packing Paper

You can purchase packing paper from a nearby packing-supply store. With packing paper, you can fill boxes and wrap breakable items. 


Creating a labeling system helps to identify the content of each box. You can label by numbers, color, or letters. Ensure the label is readable. Also, apply the labels to each box’s top and two sides.  

Permanent Markers

A good labeling system is incomplete without permanent markers. Waterproof markers protect from rain and smudging. 

Box Cutter

When you begin unpacking, you need a box cutter to cut precise and clear-cut edges. Ensure that your blade is sharp and continue with caution. 


However, you use scissors to open boxes, but we still recommend a cutter handy. For cutting packing paper, and bubble wrap, use scissors. Use a sharp scissor to avoid injury. 

Bubble Wrap

Pack your fragile items in bubble wrap to avoid breakage. It also cushions the bottom of the boxes. Purchase a large roll or two according to your need. 

Packing and Moving Rules 

We want to share essential rules for packing aside from just attaining the right moving equipment. These make your move successful and stress-free. Following these general rules for packing and moving, your home is necessary 

Allow yourself enough time 

Packing at the last minute causes stress, and many people make this biggest mistake. So, start to pack the item you don’t regularly use when you have planned to move. 

Use packing paper on your fragile articles 

Make sure to line the box with paper on the bottom when you pack your fragile items in the boxes. Place each item individually wrapped next. Everything must be sung in place and secure in the boxes.  

Don’t create too heavy boxes 

Avoid creating heavy boxes. You or the movers will have trouble lifting it. Also, it could easily break during transit. 

Create a packing station 

You should create a packing station to pack your items quickly and efficiently. It could be either your dining room or kitchen. 

The Bottom Line

Moving is a task that most dread. For a smooth and hassle-free move, you can prepare in advance. Plan your stress-free move with Green Movers Bellevue. We have professional movers and packers. They keep your belongings safe and secure. Schedule your next move with our experts. Contact us and get a free quote now!

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