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How To Choose The Best Movers and Packers Service Providers in Seattle

So, circumstances have brought you searching for the best movers and packers service providers in Seattle? Nothing to worry about, we’ve written for you this article detailing simple ways for you to determine the right movers for you!

Selecting a team of good packers and movers is a big decision to make when you’re considering a move. Choosing the right moving service could mean the difference between a stress-free move and destroyed furniture!

Green Movers Seattle is an award-winning, and eco-friendly moving and storage providing service and it’s been in the business of making moving a stress and tension free ordeal for almost a decade now and our experience in the industry has taught us a few key points to look out for when choosing the right moving company. So, as tedious as the above paragraph makes choosing the best movers and packers service providers in Seattle sound, it’s actually very simple and down to these basic points that you should look at while choosing a good moving company:

A Convenient Experience:

This is the first thing you should look for when looking for a good moving service. From the start, are you treated as a valued customer when you call them? Do they provide a quote estimate free of cost or charge for one? How long is their response time? These subtleties might seem small, but on the long run they could mean the difference between a smooth move or facing issues throughout, so analyze and judge accordingly.

Experience and knowledge:

This is the second obvious tell-tale sign that can help you differentiate between an experienced mover compared to an inexperienced one. Although this might seem daunting at first, there really isnt that much to judging the experience of prospective movers that you have in mind. It just comes down to the detail of the questions they ask. For example, where will the entrance and exits be for the move? If the move is on an elevated floor, are elevators available or is it a private house? How many bedrooms does your house have? This includes nitty gritty details such as the size of your bed or how many doors your fridge has. If you hear questions like these you can rest assured they know what they’re doing as they’re making note of every little detail which speaks for their experience and knowledge.

Quality of packing:

This should be the final thing you consider before committing or choosing the prospect mover you’ve married the list down to. Ask and inquire them in detail about their packaging materials and methods. Ask them questions such as the materials they will use to help protect wooden furniture or glass and crockery items. If they answer offhandedly or in an unsure manner by saying they use paper and cloth to wrap them, consider choosing a different mover as professional movers that know what they’re doing will have various procedures and materials such as bubble wrap, using crates and proper quality boxes that they’ll use to properly pack an item, be it a grand piano or a small vase.

You can use various mover comparing services such as Unpakt and iMoving to help get yourself prospective movers in your region!

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