Seattle Moving Guide

Seattle Moving Guide

You need to know everything when you move to or around Seattle, Washington.  

Your moving is not as easy as packing a suitcase for a weekend gateway. Moving is a hectic process. There is so much to do with the moving process. Thus, so many thoughts to fumble with, and the great question arises where to move to? 

You should try out Seattle in the Pacific Northwest if you plan to move. Green Movers have compiled a comprehensive guide about your move. 

Where Would You Relocate To In Seattle?

According to Forbes, it ranked the smartest city in the country in 2019. It has 18 districts that break down into more than a hundred neighborhoods. Each has with different personality and vibe. Anyone can quickly get variety in all of its neighborhoods. Thus, this city is multi-cultural, diverse, and multi-racial. 

Seattle Population, Earnings, and Housing

It is the largest city in Washington. Moreover, it is the 18th largest city in the country. According to an estimate, 776555 people live here. According to recent reports, this city has a GDP of $383 billion. Further, its economy grew by 5.1% between 2018 and 2019. 

The poverty level here is about 11%. In contrast, each household makes about $128,184 yearly. Mostly, people here are young. There are 102.4 men for every 100 women. 

Cost of Living

We cannot deny the fact that Seattle is an expensive city. Thus, the cost of living is near twice the national average. People earn more by working with tech giants like Amazon, Expedia, and Microsoft. This way, they have an exciting housing market. 

If you are willing to relocate here, spend more on food. It is on the 168th number in affordability. It’s unusual to have a meal for $14 or further. Moreover, the prices of food goods are also higher there.  

Home of Technology Giants

It is renowned for its technology industry. It ranked top in the US for technology-related jobs, according to Forbes. Thus, Microsoft and Amazon are the top two employers in this city. In addition to it, Tableau Software and Nintendo are also huge employers.  


3 of 5 are high school graduates in Seattle. While 4 out of 5 people are college graduates who move here. There are above 500 public and private educational institutions in Seattle. Seattle University, The University of Washington, and Seattle Central College contain a massive population of students. 

Attractive Job Market

Seattle has 12% higher pay than the regular American. Here, people’s minimum wage is $15-$16.69 per hour. This hourly wage is double as great as the national minimum wage. 

Retailers in Seattle

It is also big on retail along with tech. Many big companies like Nordstrom, Tommy Bahama, REI, Costco, and Zillow have headquarters in the Seattle area. The international famous coffee house like Starbucks and Tully are also based here. 

There is a reason behind the attention of retail conglomerates. According to IHS Global Insight, it is number 11 in America’s most significant metropolitan economies. The Port of Seattle and the Tacoma International Airport are the leading trade ways to Asia. 

Necessary Steps after Moving

Under Washington law, you must obtain a Washington State driver’s license within 30 days. It is the essential step you should do after relocation. Without a WA driving license in Seattle, you cannot register cars in your name. Once you move, you must also register as a voter.  

Make the Hassle-Free Move with Green Movers

Green Movers can make your move to Seattle stress-free and effortless. We are eco-friendly movers. Hence, we ensure the safest and quickest move at affordable rates. Thus, we implemented environmentally friendly practices in our business activities.

We have an experienced team of moving experts. Thus, ensure to make your move smooth and painless. We offer customized quotes according to your defined budget. Contact us today and get a free quote for any of our services.

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